Bharatiya Janata Party has been the pioneer of the notion of an unified Bharat. The party leaders have been in the front of India’s independence and the torch bearers of progress in post-independence India. BJP always fought for real growth, progress and has been the pioneer in safeguarding various important pillars like unity in diversity, spirituality, helping each other grow, secularism and others of the ancient Hindu Dharma.  But this safeguarding of the Indian Culture came with a responsibility of pushing and walking along the nation on the path of progress to become a world leader. BJP is vocal about the need of modernization technological advancements and globalisation for a new India since it’s inception. 

Bharatiya Janata Party, Haryana adopted the same path of leading the country on the path of unfathomable growth, prosperity and strength of economy, knowledge and culture. However, the journey was not as leisurely for the leaders of BJP Haryana as it was for the political parties and politicians which ran on the wheel-power of dynasty. 

BJP Haryana got bulldozed by the demon of dynastic politics in the pious land of Haryana. It was like a modern world Mahabharata that our leaders had to fight. Bharatiya Janata Party Haryana fought multiple wars on the same land where Arjuna received the holy teachings from Lord Krishna. As in Mahabharata, Arjuna and the Pandavas had to fight the war of righteousness and dharma, so did BJP Haryana since the year 1966. 

It took every leader’s and karyakarta’s blood and sweat to establish a government that works in the field along with its farmers and not the government that enjoys the luxury of its power and establishes their own selfish motives with the tax payers’ money. 

The results hardwork of the BJP Haryana Stalwart leaders are being felt today. Our leaders like Mangal Sein, Kishan Singh Sangwan, Pt. Ishwar Dayal Swami, Manohar Lal Khattar, O.P Dhankar and so many other electrifying personalities made it their agenda to bring the politics to the people and not pester our own people to cry to get what is their right. Education, Health, Agriculture, Technology, Electricity, Water, Road and Transport all leading to prosperity was what BJP Haryana found lacking in the work of other political parties who came and went near our charismatic and pro people leaders. And that kept the fire of changing the landscape of Haryana for the betterment of people alive. 

The BJP Government had to wait a long time until it was 2005 when the party got its first break to enter the rotten landscape of Haryana Politics and start cleaning it. The Swach Bharat Abhiyan of cleaning the corridors of politics started way ahead in 2005. This year of 2005 marked the best show for all the labour and love with which BJP Haryana have ploughed this vedic land of Haryana. BJP Haryana won a total of 10.36% of votes out of the 90 seats on which the party leaders contested. 

Then came the game changer year of 2014. BJP Haryana was ready for its ride or die moment in the history of Haryana politics. There was no day to night when it came to the hard work of our party workers and leaders. This seamless and selfless work for people gave the BJP Haryana the confidence to bid for a Jat-identity politics free campaign. The party took off the worn out clothes and went on to tailor its own brilliant robe of work and faith among the citizens. Each vote is a responsibility for everyone who worked in the party. The state of Haryana was very confident about the intentions of the party that set out to establish an example of how politics can transform lives of people when trust is put in the right people. Haryana was being cradled by the wrong people and only now, the BJP Haryana got the opportunity to adopt the people and take Haryana to the highest pinnacle of 360° progress. In 2014 BJP Haryana sweeped the elections and won the hearts of the people.

Post the win, BJP Haryana never looked back. It was only growth for Haryana and prosperity of its people that became the motto of the government. Also was to pick up the broom and clean the mess created by the dynastic politics. 

There is one interesting story about how the BJP thrashed the notion of introducing dynasty among the people:

“Harayana Ke Gaurav” was a chapter which was inserted by the dynastic rulers of Haryana preceding the BJP. This chapter tried to nurture the students, the young minds in favour of politics of dynasty.

As soon as BJP assumed power in Haryana, it removed the chapter and rather replaced it with a chapter that talks about our Freedom Fighters.

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